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Zerlene Rogers


My journey began as a professional hairstylist, accumulating 20 years of experience and nearly a decade as an educator. From behind the cair, I transitioned to working with high-profile clients and styling hair for TV and film; contributing to projects such as Carter High, Born Again Virgin, and Tazmanian.

Throughout my diverse career in hair, TV, film, and in the field of education, my commitment to giving back is evident through Zerlene Rogers Beauty & Brains. Blessed with the recognition of being considered a "sheer genius" by clients and those I serve, I continue to expand my horizons. Venturing into modeling, fitness training, and collaborative business endeavors with other creative minds, I embrace personal growth as a continual journey. As I evolve as a person, businesswoman, and contributor to society, I am dedicated to shaping my overall brand as Zerlene Rogers, Health & Beauty Expert, and Influencer.


Health & Beauty Expert and Influencer

Hair Sales. Hair Stylist.

Zerlene Rogers Hairstylist

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CLIENT NOTICE: Gratitude for choosing me for your haircare journey! Your patience, understanding, and loyalty are valued as I navigate growth. To express my appreciation, enjoy a 10% client appreciation discount on your next hair service booking your subsequent appointment with me BEFORE YOU LEAVE your current session. PLEASE FULLY REVIEW THE SERVICES OFFERED to ensure accurate booking; you will be charged for the correct service. Thank you once again for your support of Zerlene Rogers.

Zerlene Rogers

Health & Beauty

Expert and Influencer 

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Zerlene Rogers Beauty & Brains 

The Beauty & Brains mission is to uplift, support, and empower young ladies to appreciate their inner beauty. We want each young lady we encounter to understand that true beauty does not reside in the external, but the internal. Find out more by clicking below or send your submission now.

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From word-of-mouth recommendations to online reviews, there’s a real buzz about Zerlene Rogers. Call today to schedule an appointment.

9850 N US 75 Central Expy#101 Dallas, Tx 75231 
Room 142


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