Bridal Hair Do’s and Don’t’s…

Brides love curls and buns! Most of my clients request curls and buns, no matter if they’re messy or sleek and structured. These two options are the go to hairstyles for wedding day hair.

My recommendation for a beautiful, elegant, yet functional, wedding hairstyle is:

The Soft Curly Pin-UP Style. ~ I stand by this style because stiff hairstyles maintained with a lot of spritz are not only dated, but, very hard on your hair. Hairstyles that are potentially damaging are”don’ts;” We are in the era of healthy hair and this style definitely accomplishes both.

My products of choice for my wedding day “do” is: Design Essentials or CHI to cleanse and condition the hair. If we're styling in a natural style I use the Design Essentials Natural product line. Design Essentials leaves the hair very manageable as well as soft and easy to control. If I am straightening or blowing out the hair, I use the Royal Treatment line and add Its a 10 leave-in conditioner, Kera Care Jojoba Oil Moisturizer for moisture and Enviro Straight blow out spray to help keep the hair straight. Also, I use the Royal Treatment Hairspray made by CHI. This hairspray holds the hair in place but leaves it very manageable. I really love that this product has “memory” ...this allows you spray the hair but if you don't like the placement of the hair you comb through it apply a little more heat IF NEEDED without ever having to reapply more spray until you shampoo which gives you no build up of product! To finish, I use BioSilk LiteSilk Therapy for shine and Design Essential Max edge control to style the hair!

I know that for Brides, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. It is important to me that I make the hairstyle the least of my bride’s worries. I am invested in my craft as a hairstylist, as well as, invested in the brides overall experience! From the initial consultation I have considered her hair texture, her face shape, and of course the DRESS! We complete trial runs to ensure that we have made the perfect choice. In the event of last minute changes, I first, assure my client that her vision will be made reality. I have already considered there could be last minute changes, so I schedule ample appointment time, and I always set a foundation that will allow me to change if necessary. A flexible foundation is achieved by keeping the hair as soft as possible; we work until the bride is in love with her wedding day style. Products are key to a seamless process!

BRIDES!!! A major “Don’t” to consider! DO NOT wait until the last minute to find a stylist for your big day! I recommend that a bride finds a hairstylist at least a year prior to her wedding date! This allows time for all the things I mentioned before, accompanied by a relationship between the hairstylist and bride!