Let's Spring To It!

Let’s Spring to it!

Its spring time beauties! With spring time, comes color! When making the choice to add color to your hair it is important to choose a highly trained, PROFESSIONAL, colorist. As a client, it definitely is ok to ask questions, just make sure you're asking the right ones. You should ask about experience, training, certification, product choice, as well as ask for images. I’m sure we all can agree that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Experience will reveal their time in the industry. You want to have confidence in knowing they actually have experience coloring hair. You want to know they have seen it all, corrected it all, and colored a variety of hair textures.

Training tells you that they are constantly evolving, learning, and growing as a colorist. Their certification means they have completed a training course; hopefully from an accredited learning facility.

Product Choice supports their experience and training. It’s important that you know what products they use to color hair. We want to make sure the colorist is not relying solely on store bought products, but, that they are using high quality, PROFESSIONAL products. LITERALLY!!!

Images allow you to see their work and give you confidence in your colorist. However, be careful to make sure you’re not getting “hair fished.” People will use images that don’t belong to them and claim the work. So, word of mouth and client testimonials are definitely an excellent reference to consider when choosing a colorist.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's choose our color! Skin tone is a key consideration when choosing a color to suit you as well as the condition of your hair! This is where; again, a highly trained PROFESSIONAL is necessary! He/She will be willing to schedule a consultation to examine the state of your hair and choose a suitable color. They will be checking the elasticity, (the hair’s ability to stretch), porosity, (the ability to absorb), the moisture in the hair, and previous color! The examination will help the colorist determine if your hair is strong enough to be color treated, what are suitable color options for you, how many levels they can go and keep the hair safe, and finally, what formulation is needed to reach the desired color.

Now that you are PROFESSIONALLY colored!!!!! Let's talk maintenance...

It is very important that you choose specific products to support your color treated hair. Always ask your stylist for recommendations. If you’re in the blonde family do not over shampoo the hair, this will keep your color from becoming dull so quickly. My recommendation would be once a week no more than twice and ALWAYS CONDITION. ALWAYS!!! This is even true for extensions. I always like to stay within a product line however; your stylist may create a product cocktail to help care for your color treated hair.

If you are transforming your look for spring or updating your color, keep these tips in mind and enjoy your spring color!!! Remember that proper exercise and nutrition is important in the overall health of your body and your HAIR! Be sure to drink lots of water to keep both your body and HAIR hydrated. This is vital to you maintaining your spring hair color, especially as the weather changes and temperatures begin to rise. My product recommendations for color treated hair are:





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