So I've been trying a new product for the past few months called Under Hair Care. I must say, over all I really like this product and will continue to keep it apart of my hair care.

The pros to the shampoo are:

  • The nozzle makes it easy to get under your protective style and apply the product directly where you want it.

  • The formula is really deeply cleansing your scalp and leaves it feeling alive!

  • It has a great smell to it and just enough moisture so it's not stripping your scalp of its natural oil and leaving it dry.

The cons to the shampoo are:

  • It has a great lather so you really have to rinse to get all the shampoo out from under your protective style.

  • The nozzle isn't open very wide which makes you really have to squeeze to get that shampoo out.

The pros to the conditioner are:

  • I love the consistency of the conditioner...not to thick...not to thin!

  • It has a great smell to it that I could smell all day.

  • When I removed my protective style my hair was well conditioned and soft!

The cons to the conditioner are:

  • The nozzle is to thin which makes you really have to squeeze to get the product out.

  • Be sure to really rinse the product out due to the fact that the nozzle really gets it down in there unlike regularly shampooing and conditioning!

The pros and cons of the oil drops:

  • It has great consistency which allows it to stay where you put it.

  • The drops are great on the scalp and because my scalp had moisture and oil, it helped with the itching which in most cases is caused by dry scalp!

  • The nozzle made it easy to get it directly on the scalp.

  • No cons on the oil drops!

Extra info. I continued using this product after my protective style had been properly removed and I love it on natural hair! The shampoo is very moisturizing and I didn't have to follow up with another moisturizing shampoo. The conditioner left my hair very soft and manageable as well as detangled. The oil drops work great as well. The oil drops wasn't heavy or oily leaving my hair with great shine.

Overall I love this product and I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself!